I Am the Resurrection and The Life

April 16, 2017 Speaker: Earl Stephenson Series: I Am

Passage: John 11:17-27

I Am the Resurrection and The Life
John 11:17-27

I. God ___________________ physical life.

A. As a miraculous _________________
B. As a miraculous _______________ to be _________________

II. Physical life _____________ in physical death.

A. E_________________________
B. A_________________________
C. Because of _________________

III. Physical death causes __________________.

A. In varying _____________________
B. Without ______________________
C. Because of _______________________

IV. Personal belief in Jesus ___________________ eternal life.

A. Personal belief must exceed ______________ historical facts.
B. Personal belief must exceed ____________ temporary responses.
C. Personal belief must include _________________ surrender.