Loving Life and Seeing Good Days

October 22, 2017 Speaker: Earl Stephenson Series: Hope

Passage: 1 Peter 3:8-12

Loving Life and Seeing Good Days

I Peter 3:8-12

  I.  We cannot ____________ every circumstance we face.

      A.  Our ___________ may be many.

      B.  Our ___________ may be broken.

      C.  Our ___________ may be crushed.

 II.  We can ________________ most actions we take.

      A.  We can __________________ Christian unity.

      B.  We can __________________ personal attacks.

      C.  We can __________________ apparent enemies.

III.  We can _____________________ fellowship with God.

      A.  As life's __________________ good

      B.  During life's ___________________ hours

      C.  By _______________ God's commandments

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