The Value of the Kingdom of God

January 21, 2018 Speaker: Earl Stephenson Series: Parables

Passage: Matthew 13:44-50

The Value of the Kingdom of God

Matthew 13:44-50

   I.  We ________________ the Kingdom of God in various ways.

        A.  God may allow us to _______________ onto it.

        B.  God may allow us to _________ and _________ it.

  II.  We _______________ the Kingdom of God the same way.

        A.  We must _____________ to Jesus.

        B.  We must _____________ to ourselves.

 III.  We can ________________ the Kingdom of God every day.

        A.  By _____________ thanks

        B.  By _____________ God

        C.  By _____________ joy

 IV.  Many will be ______________ from God one day.

        A.  At the end of __________

        B.  Because they are _______________

        C.  Into everlasting ______________

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