The Responsibility of Hearing

January 28, 2018 Speaker: Earl Stephenson Series: Parables

Passage: Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23

The Responsibility of Hearing

Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23

   I.  Most people reject the Gospel.

        A.  As a personal choice

        B.  For a variety of reasons

             1.  Some people have closed minds.

             2.  Some people have weak wills.

             3.  Some people have other priorities.

        C.  Missing salvation

  II.  Some people welcome the Gospel.

        A.  With sincere hearts

        B.  Having their lives changed

        C.  Receiving salvation

 III.  The Gosepl must be shared.

        A.  With personal involvement

        B.  With patient expectation

        C.  With humble integrity

        D.  With simple clarity

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