Encouraged by God

June 10, 2018 Speaker: Earl Stephenson Series: Somedays I Walk in the Rain

Passage: Jeremiah 32:17-27

Encouraged By God

Jeremiah 32:16-27

   I.  God supplies blessings.

       A.  The blessing of creation

       B.  The blessing of salvation

       C.  The blessing of provision

  II.  God arranges disaster.

       A.  As judment of discipline

       B.  Affecting nations and individuals

       C.  Fulfilling His Word

 III.  God expects obedience.

       A.  From His people

       B.  As a pattern of living

       C.  As an act of faith

  IV.  God welcomes questions.

       A.  Private questions

       B.  Sincere questions

   V.  God offers hope.

       A. For His people

       B.  From now on 

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