Rescued by God

June 17, 2018 Speaker: Earl Stephenson Series: Somedays I Walk in the Rain

Passage: Jeremiah 38:1-13

Rescued By God

Jeremiah 38:1-13

   I.  _____________ things happen to God's people.

      A.  While they are ______________God's will

      B.  Through _______________ people

      C.  After extended ________________ service

 II. God's people _____________________ assistance.

      A.  To _________________ each day

      B.  To _________________ impossible situations

III. ________________________ comes from God.

      A.  Through _________________ people

      B.  If we __________________ it

      C.  Just before it's _______ __________

      D.  In ________________ to our cries for mercyu

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